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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  April 11, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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say good-bye to your car for a while for the toll evaders. we find phil matier to explain this new penalty. phil? >> reporter: that's right, dana, you know, this year alone the bay bridges here, the seven bridges are some $14 million behind in tolls and fines for people that are trying to get a free ride. but that free ride is going to turn into a brick wall in the end. here is the story. the number of tolls on bridges is up 20 percent this year. but illustrate state is working to crackdown on the problem in a big, big way. so far the numbers. so far this year there have been 1.5 million toll skips on the bay area bridges. that represents a backlog of some $14 million in unpaid tolls and fines. according to mtc spokesman john goodwin. >> the hardcore chronic violators are spread across all
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of the lanes of the toll plaza. >> a good number of those toll skips were committed by the same 800 drivers who have an average of about $5,000 or more in fines and unpaid tolls each. >> how many times is that going across the bridge? >> well, at an average of $5 a pop, do the math. >> reporter: the top skipper is a guy a couple of years back who racked up. >> 437 violations. >> reporter: skippers may think they can beat the toll by going through one of the electronic booths. but what they don't know is that? >> whenever there is a violation triggered we captured the vehicle's license plate. >> reporter: first event is a $25 fine that will be waived if you sign up for fasttrack within 30 days. but after that. >> the $70 penalty that, second notice is not cleared, we can then send the license plate information to the dmv and a hold will be placed on that vehicle's registration for the
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next time it comes up. >> reporter: but wait, there is more. lawmakers in sacramento are now considering a bill that would allow the police to impound any car with more than $2,000 in tolls and fines on the spot. and the public we talked with said that's just fine by them. >> when they do it, if you don't pay your parking tickets, too. >> sounds reasonable. i don't have a problem with that. >> reporter: do you pay your tolls? >> yes. >> reporter: and, dana, if they are able to collect on those outstanding fines they figure that in the end they will come out $6 million ahead which just goes to show, once again, in the electronic age there is no such thing as a free ride. >> no. all of that money will help state -- the state budget. i don't know why it took them this long to come up with a solution. >> reporter: that combination of technology and law. >> phil matier, thank you.
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>> security is tight tonight at at&t park where the san francisco giants will face the la dodgers. the first game in san francisco between the rivals since a giants fan was severely beaten down in la. he does remain in critical condition tonight. robert lyle is at at&t with details on the heightened security tonight. robert? >> reporter: allan, not just tightened security. considering this wearing team colors is the sign of the ultimate fan. as the dodgers take to the field in warmup, wearing team colors has taken on a dramatically different definition. we talked to dodger fans who made the trip north. and they say wearing blue and white has led to some evil stairs and now worries about making it to the 9th inning. now, the dodger fans we talked to tonight say they had already purchased tickets and made the travel plans when they learned of the gruesome attack of brian stow during the first face off of the giants and dodgers and still they made the trip nonetheless. but that attack has the giants
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organization on heightened alert. tonight cbs 5 has learned the team has hired outside security firm landmark security and brought security from major league baseball. that's all in addition to sfpd. they have already saturated both outside and inside at&t. at this hour, no one within the giants' organization will confirm the exact number of security personnel being used tonight. but dodger fans tell me they are already looking over their shoulders, especially those decked out in blue and white. >> i thought twice about wearing the shirt, though. >> reporter: did you think wearing the shirt was going to make you a target? >> a little bit. i am getting stares already. >> reporter: are you getting stares? >> yes, a little bit. we are getting stares but hopefully nothing happens. >> reporter: are you a little nervous, concerned? >> the stares from the dodger fans they are coming from us but it's not personal. it's the blue. you know, individually, we
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don't hate dodgers. we don't even hate dodger fans. >> i think if anything, people are going to be more sensitive than they would normally be at a giants dodgers game just because of what happened. and hopefully that it will be in good spirit and everybody will just have a good time now. >> reporter: now, guards spirits that's exactly what 100 paramedics from american medical response hope will drive fans to give tonight. you will recall brian stow is a paramedic with amr. he remains in critical condition in an la hospital. so his co-workers turned gasoline cans into donation jars at the entrances to at&t park tonight. >> everybody is let in for the game. once everybody is in we will actually enter the stadium and continue the fundraiser efforts during the breaks and things like that. >> reporter: now, back out live, the giants just announced that they will award juan uribe
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his world series ring just prior to the first pitch at 7 p.m. we are also being told that players from both teams will also take to the field. they will be asking this stadium to enjoy the rivalry, but do it safely and responsibly. amr also wanted us to continue to mention that there is a reward of more than $100,000 still being offered for any information that leads to the arrest of those responsible for brian stow's attack. allan and dana. >> robert lyles at at&t, thanks. i will move on because i got to tell you dodgers stadium today even though the team wasn't down there, drivers dropped off checks and cash to american medical response which is his employer. the money they collected will benefit his fund which will help stow and his kids. many donors want to show that the attack is not typical of dodgers fans. >> we are very sorry this happened. and while we wish the best for
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the family. >> if that was my father, my son, any family, relative in that matter definitely i would want to show some support out there. >> and i was very sad about the events. we were there. and nobody should go through this. dodger hall of famer tommy lasorta came out and personally donated,000. >> and yet another fundraiser for brian stow his cousin kelly o'donnell contacted the chiles in loadeye to get a fundraiser. the company will donate 15% of your check too help pay for stow's medical treatment. another day of deliberations in the barry bonds perjury trial. while there is still no verdict, the defendant did make an appearance in court. joe vasquez is in san francisco with the testimony jurors asked to hear again. joe? >> reporter: dana, the jury spent sometime today listening to the testimony of a key witness, the only person who claims to have seen bonds get
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injected. the jury spent the morning listening as the clerk read back the testimony from barry bonds' former personal shopper kathy hoskins. remember, she testified she saw trainer greg anderson inject bonds with a syringe in his belly button. keep in mind, this charge doesn't necessarily have to do with steroids. in fact, hoskins testified she even know what was in the syringe just that she watched anderson inject him at bonds' husband house in 2002 as he was preparing to go on a road trip. why is this important? it stems from a key line of grand jury when bonds says nobody projected him. question from the prosecutor did greg ever give you anything that required a syringe to inject yourself? bonds bonds i have only had one person touch me and that's my personal doctor. >> so no one else other than
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your perhaps the team doctor has injected anything? aa i have had a bunch of surgeries, yes. . >> the jury went back into the jury room and deliberated all day. but so far today, no verdict. they will be back here at 8:30 in the morning. >> all right. joe vasquez in san francisco, thank you. one, maybe two men assaulted women on the campus. we will tell you who the police are looking for. the judge rules that a deal is a deal. what could be the final chapter in the facebook legal dispute worth $160 million. and heads roll in oakland. so who is chopping up parking metres and how are they doing it? [ music ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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at least three students were sexually assaulted in separate attacks last wee happened on . tonight uc berkeley police are trying to figure out if the same man attacked several women. three students were attacked last week and all happened on campus. ann on why the police think these are all connected. ann? >> reporter: allan, campus police have been handing out these flyers to let people know what is going on. actually four incidents in the last week. we will show you two police sketches. keep in mind those two suspects might actually be the same person. >> it is frightening to hear that this is happening to students on campus but this is an open campus. >> it is a little scary. >> reporter: a general uneasiness when they hear four of their classmates have been followed or assaulted in the
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campus. the most another the valley science in the grove. >> one what i would term as a violent assault. so we have a strong commitment to try and identify this person and bring him into custody before somebody is more seriously injured. >> reporter: a week ago sunday someone came up behind a student and grabbed her bottom. later a woman noticed someone following her so she hid in some bushes. on thursday, another woman was grabbed. hours later a more serious assault. >> the suspect actually physically grabbed the female victim and accosted her. moved her into another area and then had her commit a sexual act on him. >> reporter: university and city of berkeley police are working together on these cases. one suspect is described as a white male in his late 20s, blond or light brown hair, un shave end with what the victim described as bad teeth. five six medium build wearing a red and white striped knitted wool judge -- jacket with a hood covering up his head. the other described her
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assailant as a white male with short brown hair, un shave end in appearance, five seven, thin build wearing blue denim overalls. a small tight fitting cap with a small brim. >> looking for one person or two people? >> you know, we're not sure. there are similarities among the suspects. there are some things that are a little bit different. >> none of the people we talked to had heard about the assaults. >> i think that they sent out e- mails to the students and let them know. especially if there have been a series of events. >> we will try to get the information out to everyone with the number of students we have that can be challenging. >> police have distributed flyers around campus and in a.m. puts housing and are increasing patrols in the area. they also say students can request crime alert by sign august up at police.berkeley.eau. if you see somethings suspicious report it right away so they can get to the crime scene. some victims waited a little bit before calling the police.
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we are also asking to remind the students that there is something called bear walk. a service students can call to get an escort from point a to point b. no reason for people to be walking alone on campus. and it seems like if there is not an official notification process hopefully now word of mouth, it will spread all over campus. >> absolutely. and like i said in our story, people can ask for this notification. the flyers are starting to go up and hopefully people will talk it up. >> hopefully so. >> ann, thank you. well, stanford police are telling students to lock their doors and window. this was after an intruder sexually assaulted a woman in her room on campus. it happened saturday night about 9:30 at the escondido village. the man woke up to find a man assaulting her. she screamed and fought him off and that's when he took off. but police are working on a sketch. but since it was dark in the room the woman didn't get a good look at her attacker. the long running lawsuit over facebook that even
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launched a hollywood movie may finally be over. today the 9th circuit court of appeals in san francisco ruled that a settlement between facebookmark summerburg and two of his high school colleagues is valid. they got $20 million in the deal. and a share of ownership of the social networking site. the twins claim they were misled about facebook's value. >> i think they wanted to come back and get yet another re- affirmation of the legal system that hey, they were the guys who in a sense started all of this, as well as getting more money. >> and without more money the twin's share of facebook is now worth more than $160 million since the social networking site just keeps climbing in value. >> wow. >> all right. let's check in with lawrence in the weather center to find out what we have got for the week ahead. >> slept in today you may have missed that cold front missing that cold front. out in the bay area some breezy
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conditions showing up outside. the skies are looking nice and clear at this hour across the city at san francisco. but indeed we do have a cold front swing on through. and it has moved on by. it is bringing with it a few clouds. but those clouds are not producing much in the way of rain. really just beginning to fall apart as it moves on by. beyond that some breezy conditions kicking up. some of those winds to 20 miles per hour. this evening if you are headed out mostly clear around the bay area. breezy especially inside the bay. temperatures kind of cool 50s and a few low 60s. out towards the coastline some patchy fog will reform as we head through the next few hours and the winds will be blowing as well. the warmer temperatures as we head in toward the afternoon. i expect a high of 62 degrees in livermore for tomorrow. 62 in san jose. 61 in oakland. you've got 50s out towards the immediate coastline. a bit cool there and that's because of the patchy fog and the low clouds. over the next few days we had this one storm system come through today not much with it. a better chance of some rain as we head in towards wednesday. but then after that it looks
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like high pressure begins to build into the bay area by friday and saturday. that ridge builds strong enough that we are going to see temperatures moving up into the 70s in a good part of the bay area. partly cloudy skies but looking pretty nice in on right through the weekend. by the way if you haven't heard we have got that game tonight. if you do plan on heading out there plan on bringing a jacket with you. it will be cool and breezy but it will be clear. expect temperatures from low to mid-50s throughout the game. that's the weather, guys, back to you. >> you got our attention with the 70s. thanks. >> the parking metres in oakland and a new parking option in san francisco. that's in two minutes. ,,,,,,
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thieves are taking aim at the city's parking meters -- literally. christin ayers is in oakland . well, here is another headache for cash strapped oakland. thieves are taking aim at the city's parking metres literally. christin airs is in oakland with how much these thefts are costing the city. >> reporter: dana, it took a
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very short walk to find these sawed off parking metres. a half a dozen within a few hundred feet all because thieves are quite literally ripping them off. workers at downtown oakland's sidecar restaurant started noticing it late last year. one day they were fully intact. >> it looked like somebody took a hack saw a powerless tool of some sort and cut the heads off. >> until there were more than half a dozen decapitated metres on this block alone. >> we really think it is the change in the economy. people are looking for extra change. so what they do is cut the meter head off. they take it some place where they tried to break in. >> reporter: for the city it means lost revenue and another $300 to replace each damaged meter. so parking officials have set up a foil. >> and we've been installing a deterrent sleeve over the pole that makes it very hard for the pole to be cut. >> but they may not be installing them fast enough. thieves have already figured out poles like this one do not
6:22 pm
have the metal sleeve and are still vulnerable. and parking officials admit it will be months before they finish upgrading the metres leaving a window of opportunity for those brazen enough to behead the meter. >> probably a good chunk of quarters in there for somebody to take. >> reporter: upwards of $50 per meter according to one parking enforcer. the good news, officials say, is that once the heads are cut off they are nearly impossible to penetrate. >> the meter heads are actually pretty tamper-proof. very hard to break into them. so they have abandoned them in various places. >> reporter: still that leaves the cost of repair, an argument some say for foregoing the meters all together. >> who would want to cut metres off? >> reporter: now, we can't reveal to you exactly how the thieves are determining that some of the metres have the metal sleeves and others do not. but city officials are warning that you can't tell simply by looking at them. they say all of these metres will have that extra metal sleeve for security purposes
6:23 pm
within a few month's time, dana. >> all of this for $50 a meter. i hope it adds up quickly probably. >> reporter: i guess so. >> thank you very much. drivers looking for a parking spot in busy areas of san francisco will soon notice a change, available parking spots. and you are going to be able to stay there longer. but as mike sugarman shows us, it's going to cost you more, a lot more. >> it's 2:00. how much does your meter cost? >> okay. >> reporter: you don't actually need a masters degree to park on the streets of san francisco. but it is about to become a bit more complicated. >> you have to have a roll of quarters. it just doesn't last. >> reporter: mike lion isn't kidding. thieves and these are changing sometimes in the next day. >> we use sensors to determine where people are parked and parking in general. >> reporter: hall rose of the
6:24 pm
municipal transit agency is talking about demand based parking which went into effect today in the marina and fisherman's wharf. >> it will change in terms of morning commute hours, afternoon hours and into the afternoon rush hour. >> that seems confusing to me. record it seems to be to a lot of people. the idea is when there are fewer people trying to park, parking will be cheaper. when there is more demand the price goes up. and time limits will change, too, up to four hours at one meter. ultimately you could pay up to $6 an hour just for street parking. and at some point it could be $18 an hour if there is some kind of special event going on in the neighborhood. >> it's ridiculous. >> reporter: there is some complaining on the streets but the plan is for an app to let your phone know when there are open more expensive spots. if you wish to spend the money and park there. it could help ease the neighborhood congestion. 30% of all congestion is due to looking for parking and circling around the block. >> reporter: but change is not
6:25 pm
always easy. especially when it involves so much change. >> i mean, i know that if i want to stay an hour it's going to cost me a few dollars. that's fine. on a variable pricing basis i have no idea what it will cost me. >> reporter: the parking agency promises to communicate the changes as well as it can. the program rolls out officially in other neighborhoods april 21st. mike sugarman, cbs 5. i'm julie watts on the consumer watch. think gas prices are high now? experts are predicting near record highs. what that could mean for bay area drivers coming up. >> there is something new in the battle over pot clubs in san jose. just ahead why the union label may be coming to medicinal marijuana. >> and if you thought the government shut down fight was ugly, just wait. the main event is still to come. and it starts wednesday. ,,,,,,
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[ music ] right now a vigil is getting underway for a prominent restaurant owner killed last week in oakland. now, this is a live look at this mexican restaurant on international boulevard.
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59-year-old jesus campos was shot there early friday morning. now, police believe it happened during an attempted robbery. he was pretty well known in that community by his neighbors, other business owners and local political leaders, too. there have been no arrests made in that case. well, you might not be able to look for the union label. but organized labor is coming to california's medical marijuana trade. len ramirez is in san jose tonight with the deal and how it will affect the bay area workers. well, it will give them some benefits they don't have right now, allan. you know the pot clubs have been operating in san jose for a number of years. but they feel like when they come before the city council they are not really taken seriously. well, by joining up with a very well established and big labor union, they feel they will have that legitimacy. the people who work in and operate medical marijuana facilities admit their industry is in a grey area of the law that puts workers themselves in the shadows. >> the city of san jose has stated that our business is illegal. >> but soon those workers will
6:30 pm
be coming out and carrying cards, union cards. >> it is a retail agriculture and food processing industry. and we are a retail, agriculture and food processing union. >> state operations director for local 5 dan rush says hundreds of workers in california's emerging cannabis industry want legitimacy. wages of $25 an hour and health benefits. they found a willing apply in the union which usually organizes grocery workers and meat cutters. >> when workers started to come to us and asking us for representation, that's who it we are. >> reporter: they announced a state wide coalition which will begin organizing it from seed to sale. they will use their clout for legal and political footholds. >> as a collective whim approaching local officials and authorities there are these stereo types we have to overcome. when the union does is provide that dignity and integrity to our businesses. >> in san jose the timing of
6:31 pm
announcement is key. the city council is poised for the first time rules to how collectives may operate and cut the number of operatives down to 125. >> we are thinking of allowing them to do is weed out the bad apples union or not. >> there are many people who are using and abusing. i don't think the public is going to assume just because there is a union involved that we don't have that problem. so the city council would be voting tomorrow on those new rules and regulations for how pot clubs will operate here in san jose. allan, part of the reason the city wants to deal with pot clubs now is partly because of financial reasons. they realize that there is money to be made in regulating and taxing these businesses as any other in san jose. >> can be a revenue stream. less than ramirez thanks so much. the price of gasoline is regulating the prices and california is leading the way.
6:32 pm
take a look at this map of the united states. california is a red state when it comes for gas. that is selling for $4.10 a gallon. green states are paying $3.50 a gallon. on the consumer watch julie watts reports that high prices are finally changing the driving habits. julie in. >> everyone is talking about the price of gas. as the economy improves, experts predict that gas consumption would actually increase, further increasing the price of gas. it turns out those experts may have been wrong. drivers are trying to cut back. but that doesn't necessarily mean good news for gas prices. >> they are filling up near record gas prices have consumers cutting back. >> it has made me cut back on some extra trips and consolidate trips within the city boundaries instead of filling up and kind of going by $30 worth and $40 worth.
6:33 pm
>> you don't run to the store or the parts house as often. you know, you are going to make it on the way home rather than during the job. >> for those in construction to stay at home moms conserving gas is commonplace. according to mastercard spending polls gas prices have fallen for five straight months. gas stations are report ag three% decrease. >> as gas prices go up they look for mass transit, can a carpooling or biking to work. >> reduced demand doesn't necessarily mean reduced prices. >> not just what's happening here in the united states it is happening on a global scale because that's oil is traded on a global scale. >> as the world demand for crude keeps rising so does the price of gas. >> the prices are largely driven by investors not necessarily by those traditional supply and demand factors. >> factoring political unrest in oil producing countries and the oil refineries in the process of switching to the pricey slumer blend they
6:34 pm
predict it will skyrocket passed the all time record of 4.11 threatening to pump bay area prices up above the $5 mark. >> it will destroy us. >> now, for those looking to save on gas, there is a few things you can do. make sure your tire pressure is accurate. and it matches what's on your door frame. that's where you find out exactly what it should be. you also want to combine if you can. plenty of gas apps that allow you to find the cheapest gas near you with nice locations. aaa just came out here with their own. for those who don't yet have smart phones log on to one of those online services and printout the cheapest gas for you before you leave the house. dana. >> the old summer blend is on its way. >> absolutely, you know what that means. >> julie watts, thank you. >> a new budget battle is brewing on capitol hill, lawmakers are eyeing the nation's debt limit. current law says that the united states can only borrow
6:35 pm
$14.3 trillion. we will lit that number by the middle of next month. so if lawmakers do not approve an increase the u.s. could default on its loans. but an increase will not happen without another fight. >> and there will not be an increase from the debt limit without something really, really big attached to it. >> it is playing with fire to say i will not renew the debt ceiling unless i get my way. >> later this week, president obama will layout a new plan aimed at slashing more money out of that budget. he is expected to propose the cuts to popular programs like medicare and medicaid, as well as increase the taxes on high income earners. >> coming up, it wasn't exactly an ideal environment to focus on academics. >> it was not enough to cover a family of five, i was afraid of not getting fed, being homeless. >> reporter: but now his education moves to another
6:36 pm
level. the quiet hero that is tonight student rising above. >> he will pick up the blocking foul. >> it was one of those moments that makes you cringe. the lesson for all these in the scary moment last night in oakland. >> and i'm done necessary o'donnell at at&t park. the boosters came down because they finished their batting practice one-on-one with vince coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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um, no. cleveland. listen cleveland, your savings account is stuck in the past! earn more with interestplus savings at that's new school banking baby! so instead of making peanuts, your savings will be earning three times the national average. oops. sorry. three times more? i'll have that! it is now safe to go online to what's in your wallet? buh-bye... call me. letters from college right now, including this year's students rising above. almost all of them are the first in their . high school seniors are getting their university acceptance letters now. including this student who rose above. wendy is here to introduce us to this month's honoree. >> hello. >> this young man has seen the dark side of one of america's favorite pastimes, gambling. when it gets out of hand it can destroy families.
6:39 pm
what does it take then to put that family back together? >> reporter: what does it take to get into the most exclusive high schools? intellect certainly. but for most money. not jack ie lou. >> i am sure most of them have a rough idea that i am receiving financial aid to go to my school. but they don't really know what i've been through. >> reporter: and it must be hard and strange. >> it is. >> reporter: but mostly for jackie, it's wonderful. a full scholarship at san francisco university high. if there was ever a boot- strapped kid, it's jackie lou. the son of a single mom who struggles to pay the bills. after his dad was lost to gambling and drinking. >> she was borrowing money from a sister in china, which was a big burden for her sister, too. >> reporter: jackie was about eight when it destroyed his family. some experts call gambling the
6:40 pm
hidden epidemic in the ages community. >> he would gamble all of the money away. he wouldn't work. and by the time he left, he owed rent for almost a year. >> careful. >> reporter: borrowing, scraping, four kids and a mother who did not speak english. jackie took charge. >> it was in the enough to cover a family of five. i was afraid of not getting fed, being homeless. >> reporter: he really is the man of the family. >> if he wants to achieve something for himself and for his family, he will figure out a way to do it. >> reporter: that included finding low income housing in the mission district that was safer. and getting scholarships from the smart program for himself and his younger siblings to go to private schools. >> he is actually the official contact person at the school for his sisters. >> which of our senses is located in our hands?
6:41 pm
>> reporter: at homes, the twins still use jackie's old card game called being smart is okay. jackie worked as a counsellor in the marin headlands to help earn money. his mom gets some government aid now, too, so their situation is tight but not desperate. his dean calls him a quiet hero. >> i don't even know how to put it into words. i mean, this is a kid of, i guess, the word i would use is the most profound kind of integrity. >> reporter: jackie says college is a family goal. >> college is a new breakthrough, i guess, a step in our family's lives. and now it's finally happening. and i'll be the first one. >> jackie will need financial help to go to college. if you want to help kids and other kids like him get an education, go to so serious it was good to see him smile at the end, you know.
6:42 pm
>> you can see why he is so serious. a lot of responsibility and lived up to everything. >> he has had amazing responsibility. >> wow. >> and his sisters and he has another brother? >> smart cards. >> yes, that's awsome. >> for fun. great story, wendy, thank you. thank you very much. [ music ] >> a weak cold front vice through the bay area today breaking up. but there is another one coming and we could see more rain. talk about that coming up. [ music ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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probably saw the dramatic collision that put a top athlete . if you watch the warriors game last night, you probably saw a dramatic collision that put a top athlete on the court hard on his head. that player was monte ellice. dr. kim mulvahill on why he is out for the last two games of the season. [ music ] >> and the score and on the top. >> the fourth quarter with less than a minute on the clock, monte ellice went airborne got fouled and fell hard on his head. for a brief moment the warriors guard lay motionless on the floor. once on his feet he appeared doozy and disoriented. the diagnosis was a concussion. a concussion is an injury to the brain. and whether it occurs after a fall, an auto accident or a
6:46 pm
sporting injury, concussions are taken very seriously. >> it is far more serious than any other injure you could have on a court minus anything relative to your heart and it is serious, serious business. >> reporter: he is director of sports medicine at the university of san francisco. he says concussions can happen in any sport. >> i have seen concussions in basketball and soccer. even had a cross-country athlete had a concussion running into a tree on the trail. >> he says a big concern is if a player gets back in the game too soon and suffers a second concussion while still having symptoms from the first. the problem is called second impact syndrome. it raises the risk for brain swelling can i can be deadly. >> it takes longer and longer and longer to recover from an actual concussion. we want to protect somebody to make sure they are not being put out there for a subsequent concussion. >> reporter: before they can play again he says these are thoroughly tested. >> i think it's a great idea that they do a lot more testing and making sure that you are actually ready and able to play again. >> reporter: usf sophomore shannon reimer has had five
6:47 pm
concussions. three while playing soccer. >> i was out on this field, actually. and i don't remember a thing, actually. >> reporter: she passed the test and has changed her game. >> anybody going out with a fly- ball i try to stay away from those now. >> the nba may establish a league-wide policy for handling concussions by next season. this season right now major league baseball is handling concussions differently than they used to, including a seven day disabled list with players with concussions. the league wants to be sure players don't return to the game too soon. way too serious. >> it's very serious. things last so much longer than we thought. >> seven days is not even enough. >> not enough. >> more like a month. kim, thank you very much. >> all right. okay. >> hey, guys, did you sleep through that cold front this morning? >> no. i woke up freezing. >> it was cold. probably a little bit colder tonight. >> great. >> sorry. >> you are not making her day.
6:48 pm
>> get those blankets out. we have that cloud cover that's gone now. you know what, we are going to see, well, mostly clear skies overnight tonight. so the temperatures, yes, they are going to be dropping. outside right now looking pretty good. over coit tower as we have mostly clear skies. a couple of passes of fog developing near the coastline. a few clouds in the near bay area. wind kicking around just a bit breezy in spots. gusting pretty well behind that cold front as it continues to move along through and move on out. some of those gusts over 45 miles per hour in foster city. still blowing to 25. still 29 miles per hour winds. in san francisco, daly city still some 22 miles per hour winds gusting to 29. all right. so here is the story though. for tomorrow we should see a return of some sunshine. it looks like some pretty comfortable weather as we start to warm things up a little bit. a couple of patches of fog out towards the coastline keep those numbers mainly in the low 60s. 57 in napa. and 54 in san francisco.
6:49 pm
travelling around the state looks like things are drying out after some rain clouds moving through early on. 60s and 70s. as we head towards the central valley tomorrow. the high country looking good. some tremendous snowfall of course over the season. a chance of more snow as we head into wednesday. bring your teens if you are sticking around up there. pretty good conditions as we head towards thursday. this trough and this front that moved through early on with the breezy conditions. chance of showers once again as we head towards wednesday. overnight tonight we will see some patchy fog out towards the coastline. otherwise those clear skies inland and don't like the cold temperatures to go along with that. the overnight low numbers getting down to 36. and 37 in fairfield. these are unusually cold for this time of year. 40s in and around the bay and out towards the coastline with that patchy fog. by day the temperatures will run up into the 70s and the 60s for the coast tomorrow. lots of 60s showing up in many
6:50 pm
of the interior valleys also. as we look over the next couple of days it looks like a chance of showers returning as early as wednesday. after that thursday and friday is looking better. high pressure begins to build back in. as we look towards the weekend guess what that ridge builds in. lots of sunshine coming our way. temperatures could be soaring up into the 70s. and that's a look at the weather. >> i'm dennis o'donnell at at&t. who better to put the dodgers, giants rivalry into perspective than roger skullly. one-on one with skullly when we come back. ,,,,,,
6:51 pm
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few mi nutes. former gian . giants and dodgers, a heated rivalry. and the message for the fans is let's keep it between the lines. the passed week has put a dark mark on this rivalry, really for all of the wrong reasons. one of the ugliest incidents actually happened between the giants fan and a dodgers player between smith in 1991 when smith became enraged at a fan for throwing a souvenir helmet. in 1965 juan threw a bat at dodgers catcher johnny roseboro
6:54 pm
and lost his temper because he said sandy colfax's threw was too close for comfort. nobody knows the rivally more than vince skully who has seen good times and bad over his 62 years as the voice of the dodgers. >> johnny roseboro and juan one of the ugliest incidents in dodger history you recollect? >> well, i'm a husband, a father and a grandfather. and even at that young age for me when that began, the first thing i remembered saying to all the children watching, remember this involves only two players, all of the other players were acting as peace makers. and that was really the point that i wanted to get across on what was, as you said, an ugly situation. >> would you say that applies today with the incident that took place in los angeles last week? >> well, it's not the same. one was on the field a fit of temperment. the other is totally and completely insane and criminal.
6:55 pm
and i really pray to god, not only for bryan and his children and family, but that they catch those two lunaticking and put them away forever. that's my prayer. >> then you are the biggest, greatest authority on the rivalry between the dodgers and the giants. is there a piece of advice maybe you could give to both giants and dodgers fans at this point that might forever get them through a difficult time. >> i am no wizard. i grew up in the bleachers and the grounds and i questions, because confession is good for the soul, i was a giant fan. >> no. >> something outrageous, my hero was mel odd. i cried if carl hubble lost a game. however, they pay me now and i'm a dodger fan. not really. i try very hard not to be a fan anymore. >> is this exclusive? did people know you are a giant fan? >> oh, a lot of people knew that. oh, yes, i've mentioned it as a small boy who didn't know
6:56 pm
better, you know. >> last weekend here is what you missed. [ music ] >> gutless. >> what are you looking at? [ music ] >> that is your unanimous decision in las vegas over michael castitas to win the wba and wbo lightweight title. baseball is back in a big way. juan pierre, the white sox with the rare drive to right keep an eye on tampa bay sam folds who lays out on the warning tracks. a sensational catch. only one catch that handle that and the arizona has a ball in the other, a baby. mom says that's enough i will take the baby back. the championship in overtime. minnesota duluth centers to kyle schmidt. and there is your championship winning goal. they beat michigan for the first time in school history
6:57 pm
worthy of a snow angel. they may not be a household name yet, but south africa's schwartz came from four shots back to win his first major yesterday at the masters. the approach shot at the third hole in for an eagle. he wins at augusta on the 50th anniversary of gary players first green jacket. and here is how it turned out for all of the anchors at cbs 5. now granite and rory mcilroy had an historic collapse. and i know but at least we did finish better than dana i-and allan and robert. there you have it, guys, giants and dodgers tonight. there is always next year. >> a big game ahead of you. should be exciting down there. how come there aren't more people in their seats right now, dennis? >> the game is going to start in 15 minutes. >> hey, in la they don't show up until the second inning. i thought we were doing pretty good. >> all right. see you at 10 and 11:00. >> have a good evening. >> thank you for watching us. feed me!
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